The UV Sterilizing Lamp

UVC radiation is known to break the DNA of bacteria, viruses and spores. As a result, they are rendered harmless.

UV radiation can be used for multiple purposes in water and air treatment, but is primarily employed as a disinfection process that inactivates micro-organisms without chemicals.

For other applications, UV is used for the removal of organic and inorganic chemicals, including chlorine, chloramines, ozone and Total Organic Carbon (TOC) emerging contaminants.

What is UVC?

  • UVC radiation has been proven to be effective against waterborne pathogenic microorganisms including those responsible for cholera, hepatitis, polio, typhoid, giardia, cryptosporidium and many other bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases.
  • UVC radiation can be used to destroy chemical contaminants such as pesticides, hormones and other pharmaceuticals in drinking water or waste water.
  • UVC installations have low capital and operation cost.
  • UVC technology is environmentally friendly.
  • UVC installations are easy to operate and to maintain.
  • UVC radiation has no harmful effect when overdosed.
  • UVC disinfection is complementary to Chlorine disinfection: it deactivates organisms that are resistant to Chlorine such as giardia and cryptosporidium.

Lamp Specifications

Property Description
Wattage 38W
Light Source Quartz ultraviolet light source
Control Option Timing remote control
Input Voltage 110V / 220V
Wavelength (UVC) 185nm + Ozone / 253.7nm
Irradiation Area 30 - 40 ㎡
Life Hours 8000
Housing + Material PC + Quartz tube
Light Stand Material Full metal light stand = high-temperature paint frosted surface
Tube Size 410mm
Lamp Size/mm 180 mm x 460 mm x 180 mm/td>
Package (L x W x H) 67 x 45 x 50 (6pcs)
N.W / G.W 1.2 kg / 1.5 kg
Warranty 1 year



The ultraviolet light only irradiates along the straight line, which can not effectively eliminate the bacteria and mites behind the obstacles. There is a certain dead angle and there is a slight smell after working. It needs to be ventilated for about 10 minutes.


Ozone is a gas, which can effectively cross over obstacles, better make up for the place where ultraviolet radiation is not enough, with less dead angle, strong smell after working and ventilation for at least half an hour.

Disinfection Time

After the disinfection time is selected, the disinfection light will automatically turn on and automatically turn off after the disinfection time is over

Area Used For Usage Time
10㎡ Kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe 15 minutes
20㎡ Living room, private room 30 minutes
40㎡ Living room, dining room, office, classroom 60 minutes

Electrical Standards

Electrical Standard Voltage
Europe / South Africa 220V - 240V AC



Widely used in living room, kitchen, home, restaurant, school, kindergartens, hospitals, office parks etc.


  • Ultraviolet characteristics: Wavelengths irradiate microbes to destroy their DNA and RNA, so that the bacteria lost the ability to survive and reproduce, so as to achieve disinfection and sterilization.
  • Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light can cause damage to the eyes and skin of humans/animals. Therefore, people and animals should leave the room when the disinfection is carried out in a confined space.
  • After the lamp is turned on, people/animals should keep away from the room. Ventilate for 30 minutes after disinfection with the UV lamp with ozone.
  • Generally disinfect 2 - 4 times one week.
  • The service life of the lamp tube is 8000 hours, the warranty of the lamp tube warranty one year (exclude man-made damage).
  • Within a reasonable sterilizing time, ultraviolet rays do little harm to clothing, furniture, etc.