Superlight Pro

Lighting Specifications

The LED Superlight Pro replaces the traditional fluorescent tubes. It is much more efficient in terms of the latest LED benefits including safety, energy savings, and eco-friendly.
It consists of a composite/thermoplastic and an integrated constant current driver.


Commercial Spaces

Underground Parking

Quality Assurance

Product Details

Power Input CCT CRI Material Hours LED Type Beam Angle Warranty
AC 200-240V 4000-6500K >70 Steel & PMMA 40 000 SMD 220˚ 2 Year
# Code Item Description Power Factor Luminous Flux Luminous Efficiency Watt Dimensions LxWxH mm
1 SP018 Superlight Pro 0.9 1640 91lm/W 18W 600x75x30 mm
2 SP036 Superlight Pro 0.9 3272 91lm/W 36W 1200x75x30 mm
3 SP044 Superlight Pro 0.9 4000 91lm/W 44W 1200x75x30 mm
4 SP055 Superlight Pro 0.9 5000 91lm/W 55W 1500x75x30 mm