Lighting Specifications

The LED Superlight Pro replaces the traditional fluorescent tubes. It is much more efficient in terms of the latest LED benefits including safety, energy savings, and eco-friendly.
It consists of a composite/thermoplastic and an integrated constant current driver.



Underground Parking

Quality Assurance

Product Details

Power Input CCT CRI Material Hours LED Type Beam Angle Warranty
AC 170-265V 4000-6500K >75 Steel & PMMA 40 000 SMD 220˚ 2 Year
# Code Item Description Power Factor Luminous Flux Luminous Efficiency Watt Dimensions L mm
1 SL032 Superlight 0.9 2880 90lm/W 32W 1198 mm
2 SL064 Superlight 0.9 5760 90lm/W 64W 1198 mm