Saturn Series UFO High Bay Light

Lighting Specifications

A good alternative to HID BAY LUMINARIES of 240W - 400W.
Recommended for mounting heights of 6m - 12m.
No exposed glass, so ideal for food storage areas.
Pre wired rubber cable. Easy installation.




Quality Assurance

Product Details

Power Input CCT CRI Material Hours LED Type Driver Warranty
AC 190-260V 2700-6500K >80 Aliminium Alloy 50 000 Nichia 3030 LED Meanwell 5 Year
# Code Item Description Power Factor Luminous Flux Luminous Efficacy Watt Dimension øxH mm
1 SHB100 High Bay >0,95 13000-14000 130-140lm 100W ø261x125 mm
2 SHB150 High Bay >0,95 19500-21000 130-140lm 150W ø300x142 mm
3 SHB200 High Bay >0,95 26000-28000 130-140lm 200W ø330x149 mm
4 SHB240 High Bay >0,95 31200-33600 130-140lm 240W ø330x149 mm