Square Recessed Panel Light

Lighting Specifications

The LED Round Panel Light replaces down-lighters with it's wider angle light spread.
It has a dimmable option available & an impressive > 25 000 switching cycle.

It is much more efficient in terms of the latest LED benefits, including safety, energy-saving & eco-friendly.



Commercial Spaces


Quality Assurance

Product Details

Power Input CCT CRI Material Hours LED Type Beam Angle Warranty
AC 85-240V 3000-6000K >75 Die Cast Alliminium 25 000 SMD 120˚ 2 Year
# Code Item Description Power Factor Luminous Flux Luminous Efficiency Watt Dimensions LxW C-mm²
1 RPL003 Square Panel 0.5 240 43lm/W 3W 85x85 C-75mm²
2 RPL006 Square Panel 0.5 480 50lm/W 6W 120x12 C-105mm²
3 RPL009 Square Panel 0.5 720 50lm/W 9W 150x150 C-135mm²
4 RPL012 Square Panel 0.5 960 58lm/W 12W 170x170 C-155mm²
5 RPL015 Square Panel 0.5 1200 60lm/W 15W 190x190 C-175mm²
6 RPL018 Square Panel 0.5 1450 56lm/W 18W 225x225 C-208mm²
7 RPL024 Square Panel 0.5 1920 54lm/W 24W 300x300 C-282mm²