P-Series Floods Light

Lighting Specifications

Our LED P-Series Flood light are water and dust proof and made of the best grade aluminium alloy with a IP65 rating.
It is very easy to install on current fixtures.




Quality Assurance

Product Details

Power Input CCT CRI Material Hours LED Type Beam Angle Warranty
AC 190-250V 3000-6000K >80 RA Aluminium + PC 50 000 SMD 2835 120˚ 2 Year
# Code Item Description Power Factor Luminous Flux Luminous Efficiency Watt Dimensions LxWxH
1 PFL010 P-Series Flood 0.95 950 95lm/W 10W 121x90x36mm
2 PFL020 P-Series Flood 0.95 1900 95lm/W 20W 155x115x45mm
3 PFL030 P-Series Flood 0.95 2850 95lm/W 30W 190x140x59mm
4 PFL050 P-Series Flood 0.95 4750 95lm/W 50W 245x180x70mm
5 PFL100 P-Series Flood 0.95 9500 95lm/W 100W TBA